Comic for Wednesday, Jul 16, 2014


Posted July 16, 2014 at 1:00 am

- The introduction of Sam
- Opening packs of cards is serious business
- Sam's relevance is undermined
- Sam doesn't make mistakes
- Tedd ask Sam about his pockets
- Sam suggests "Tess" as a female name
- "Uh, why? Sam's not... confusing."

Many readers were wondering why Grace of all people was the source of this information. Well, Grace's observational skills combined with a lack of social knowledge mixed with her working in a comic shop and attending school for several months now has no doubt resulted in her having need to look up quite a lot of things, and Grace is the sort of person who would actually do so.

That, and there's the fact that she hasn't been sheltered in a lab environment or on the run with Damien for nearly a year a now and isn't living with her head in the sand. She does learn things.

That said, while I could just shout from the rooftops "she can learn stuff and has had plenty of opportunity to do so", this exact reason was planned. Grace's reaction to Tedd referring to Sam as "confusing" was hinting at this.