Comic for Monday, Oct 28, 2019


Posted October 28, 2019 at 2:42 am

- Interdimensional whale
- Brazenly transformed
- The Will of Magic
- Transformed while at school

This is the start of Part 3 of Title Pending, which I have titled Untitled Party.

No, YOU'RE confusing! Also, it might be part 4 or 5 later should I decide to break this party down into smaller chunks, because my goodness, it's already page 80.

I think the scariness of a dragon with a chainsaw would largely depend on the size of the chainsaw and how well they can hold it. I suppose it would also depend on the alignment of the dragon, though it's possible a well meaning friendly dragon with a chainsaw could still be scary if they found it awkward to hold.

Seriously, imagine a giant being, potentially without opposable thumbs, awkwardly dropping a chainsaw from twenty feet up. Even if they didn't manage to get it started, that would be a dangerous situation.