Comic for Friday, Oct 25, 2019


Posted October 25, 2019 at 12:00 am

- Grace feedback on outfit
- Nanase aghast at Ashley not recognizing her
- Nanase winking while saying "I like it" in regard to Ashley being inquisitive
- Ashley reaction to outfit

I promise not to overuse that Ashley face in panel four, unless I do.

I didn't want Elliot to just flat out dismiss Ashley's claim about Nanase, but I didn't want him to immediately say "why, that Nanase, whom I trust and have known for years! How dare she?!", either. I don't what grade one would give Elliot for his handling of this, but I'm hoping it's at least a "B".

What's That Wacky Nanase Thinking?

And now, a conversation I had with myself earlier:

Me 1 - "It's going to be neat when we eventually get into why Nanase's acting the way she is!"

Me 2 - "And in the meantime, nobody's going to fully be in on the joke."

Me 1 - "..."

Me 2 - "..."

Me 1 - "You think we should get into it sooner rather than--"

Me 2 - "YES."