Comic for Wednesday, Aug 28, 2019


Posted August 28, 2019 at 12:42 am

- Nanase's magic burns out
- Nanase's hair over time
- Nanase's magic comes back

- An example of hair being filled up with magic

Ellen knew that Nanase would wind up talking about this, so she ninja snuck around back for the well-timed lean in line!

That, or she'd gone over there to say hi to Grace, and then be close to her girlfriend. Either/or.

So... Many... Panels...!

I prefer a mix of smaller and larger panels to what I wound up doing on this page. It winds up pretty busy looking to have ten smaller panels like this.

THAT SAID, I think it was the right call for this exchange. It's just not what I'd regularly want.

THAT ALSO SAID, ten panels isn't that bad when it's a mix of medium and close shots, and I was happy to fit as much as I did on one page.