Comic for Friday, Dec 8, 2017


Posted December 8, 2017 at 5:39 am

- Early un-summoning of summoned fairy dolls
- Angsty awakening (also referenced in previous commentary)

- Narration

- Powered up summoned weapons

R.I.P. bearded snake vampire, 12-8-2017 to 12-8-2017. Your incredible back story about how you liked snakes, beards, and Dracula capes shall never be told.

I'm sure the rest of the the vampires will be equally easy to deal with regardless of the now lost element of suprirse.

Susan Boost

I was considering giving susan a spell that would help close the gap between her and the vampires, but I was never that keen on the idea. I was keen on maybe naming the spell after Van Helsing, Dracula novel character / moster hunting badass depending on who you ask, and maybe running with the "sing" part of it somehow by calling it a song of some sort (possibly involving hell), but I was less keen on the spell itself. Seemed too much like a guardian form, which I don't want to start handing out like free pancakes.

Super late in the writing game, I was looking back on Susan's awakening and the flow of blackness into her hair, and thought "what if that didn't JUST change her hair color?"

And then I was like "there's tons of reasons why magic being stored in Susan's hair would be awesome, and it's a super original idea!"

And then I was like "wait, didn't Tangled have magic hair that changed color when the magic was removed?"

And THEN I was like "what I'm doing is different enough, and it really fits Susan's character", and I responded to that with "I guess that's okay, then", and then I was like "you wanna get some lunch?", and I was like "yeah, I'm super hungry", and THEN...

- EGS:NP (should be up soon, if not already)