Comic for Monday, Nov 21, 2022


Posted November 21, 2022 at 12:00 am

- Master of fire (waaaaaay back in Painted Black)

- Noah talking to Elliot about not liking secrets

- Noah talks about his biological parents with Raven

- Grace: "...I do NOT need that much feedback most of the time. Especially not in crowds."

I'm going to be taking Friday and Saturday off from posting comics this week due to the Thanksgiving Holiday in the US.

Technically speaking, this page would work very well as a legitimate break point, and it would be logical to take Wednesday off, too...

But I decided there's no way in heck I'm having THIS as the newest page that's up for all of Thanksgiving weekend. Might as well make the last page before Christmas someone punting a puppy.


- Saturday EGSNP