Comic for Wednesday, Sep 6, 2017


Posted September 6, 2017 at 5:49 am

- That guy 1
- That guy 2
- That guy 3
- That guy 4

- The not-date with Sam

Love that guy. Also, I guess he suddenly has poofier hair now. NEW SHAMPOO! No continuity issues whatsoever. Hair just suddenly gets more poofy.

I wanted to simultaneously address the not-date with Sam happening on the same day while establishing that they'd settled on doing something away from everyone else. As much as people might throw things at me for this, we're not suddenly shifting focus to Sarah and Sam's date, as that's not the focus of this story. I do want it known it's not forgotten, however.

(Nor have I forgotten about  Justin and Luke, but it's less convenient to mention that just now in-comic).

Speaking of keeping focus, that's why Ashley hasn't been in this arc up until now. I thought I didn't have anything for her to do that wouldn't demand taking focus away from the story, so she simply hasn't gotten any panel time. I have since realized... Well, things. I can't really elaborate, but long story short, she gets panel time now.