Comic for Monday, Oct 14, 2013


Posted October 14, 2013 at 1:00 am

- Diane watching the show #1
- Diane watching the show #2

I'm quite certain that Diane has no idea what she's talking about and that Elliot and Susan's latest review won't result in any sort of mayhem or hijinks.

I know nothing about the dude in panel one. He exists solely to be the dude who almost took the review seriously. All the same, I want him to return. I will find things for him to comment on, dammit, and--And I could've sworn I drew stubble on his chin. That chin is NOT supposed to be shaved. Maybe I can correct before--Wait, no. It's already part of the commentary! NO! THERE IS NO SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM! IT WOULD CAUSE A PARADOX!

Meh. He can grow it in later.