Comic for Friday, Mar 1, 2013


Posted March 1, 2013 at 1:00 am
Diane comic links:

- Introduction of Diane
- Diane showing off detective mojo
- Diane meets Ellen and Grace, comparisons to Susan begin
- Diane in the... Uh... Scene when Rhoda and Grace hug
- Diane violently defending Rhoda-related honor
- Diane plots a vengeful lunch

Other comic reference links of note:

- Nanase's dating history
- The start of Sarah and Nanase's conversation (i.e. Everything Diane could have overheard)


This most difficult aspect of this comic from a behind the scenes perspective was simply figuring out the composition and how to transition from one table to the next while showing how their relative positions prevented Nanase from noticing Diane. This is one of many instances when I was really really happy to be working with a virtual 3D set.

That said, you might have noticed that one guy sitting in the back of the restaurant in previous comics in this scene. The entire reason for that dude's existence was to take the booth that Sarah and Nanase would have logically taken were it available, thereby resulting in them settling on a booth that was more in the open and had an obstructed view of Diane's booth.

That dude in the back subsequently got me thinking about how if fate is real, then that's the sort of destiny some people must have. "Your destiny is to occupy a seat so this other person with a more elaborate and interesting destiny will sit somewhere else."

Having considered that, I don't care if fate is real or not. I reject it out of principle. Besides, if it IS real, then I'm just doing what I'm supposed to do. If it's NOT real, then I'm accepting responsibility for my own actions, as well I should. Seems like the only reasonable thing to do, really.