Comic for Thursday, Feb 21, 2013


Posted February 21, 2013 at 1:00 am
- Nanase likes pizza
- Pizza!

I believe I may have inadvertently made Nanase dangerously adorable in this comic. I apologize for any problems this may cause and will endeavor to make her less adorable in future comics.

Agreeing to terms before someone tells you what they have to say has always seems a bit strange to me. I mean, yes, if it's something like sensitive information and they need assurance that you're not going to run around telling everyone, I can understand the need for it.

At the same time, what if you agree not to tell anyone what they're about to tell you and then they tell you that they've stolen another of your friend's valuable possessions or something? What then? Well, obviously you go back on the promise not to tell anyone if they won't return it because they totally betrayed the various friendships first, but still.