Comic for Tuesday, Feb 19, 2013


Posted February 19, 2013 at 1:00 am
- OMG Telekinesis! (Vs Mugger)
- More Telekinesis (Vs Goo)
- Totally more Telekinesis (Vs Damien / First flight)

Grace is a little taller than Ellen, but she looks even taller than normal in this comic thanks to Ellen being barefoot and then Grace float--Wait. Greg let her keep the boots on? That is the largest of all plot holes ever. Now I'm going to have to devote ten comics to a complex explanation regarding why he's cool with it.

Telekinetic Grace

"Where did Grace's telekinesis go" has been a common question from readers over the years. A common response from me has been, well, basically what Grace says in panel three. So now I can link to this comic if anyone asks again! YAY!

If humans genuinely had psychic telekinetic "dude I'm like one of those X-Mans" powers in real life, I'm not sure if it would be logically easier to lift oneself or other things. I suppose it all depends on how exactly the telekinesis works. I assume it involves magnets in some way. Nobody knows how those work. They're probably all sorts of magic!

(This is the part where someone believes I seriously think magnets are magic and e-mails me to inform me of how they work and are, in fact, not magic)