Comic for Friday, Feb 11, 2011


Posted February 11, 2011 at 1:00 am
And now, before the meat of the commentary... RELEVANT COMIC LINKS! *insert rocking guitar solo here*

- Arguably the worst day of Grace's life
- Grace's "purpose"
- Grace REALLY losing her temper
- Greg's initial offer to train Grace
- Guilt over not killing Damien sooner
- Guilt over showing Damien mercy
- Guilt over not protecting Ellen and Nanase
- Overzealous protecting of Sarah and Susan
- Greg repeats his offer
- Grace's recent reaction to the training offer


The Seymour scale is something I came up with recently on the Twitters:

I think it's important to have a measurable scale. I measure sadness by how many of Fry's fossilized dogs it equals.

This is one of those situations where if you haven't seen that episode of Futurama, you're probably not going to fully appreciate this comic, and for that I apologize. Tedd's reaction is completely appropriate, however.

Hippy Grace

Before anyone e-mails me saying I should have spelled it "hippie", I looked up hippy during the production of this comic in the hopes of finding a spelling consensus. I did not, and an online dictionary basically said both were acceptable, so I went with the spelling that looks less weird to me. If you have additional information, that could be neat, but please keep that in mind.

While it's fully appropriate that Tedd and Grace don't move much in this comic, my least favorite sort of comic to draw is one where the characters barely move. When I realized I could insert a fantasy visual into panel five, I was thrilled. Now that I've actually drawn hippy Grace, it will take much restraint to not keep drawing her like that because I think she looks great that way.

I'm not an expert on hippies, and part of that is, much like the spelling, that there doesn't seem to be a consensus regarding what a "hippy" is. There also seem to be eras of hippies that have different characteristics. Tedd is referring specifically to the whole "peace and love" angle, which I do think is appropriate for Grace. Beyond that, I don't know. Feel free to inform me of how horribly appropriate or inappropriate the title is for her.


I had decided on making Greg seven feet tall earlier, but I later decided to reduce his height to six-foot-ten (minus the hair). I think that two inch difference will make it easier to have scenes with him, and at the very least will help him fit in various rooms and doorways.

Nonetheless, Greg's design philosophy is, and always has been, that he's HUGE. He's tall, he's muscular... he's an all-around big guy. His physique is somewhat contrary to how I would picture your average martial artist, being somewhat closer to a body builder, but then he is influenced by anime. Subdued and logical isn't quite what he or I are going for with his character.

As for what he's watching, I have no idea, but I think it's safe to assume it was made in Japan.