Comic for Sunday, Jan 9, 2022


Posted January 9, 2022 at 12:00 am

Just Not Sure - Diane And Rhoda - HD At Patreon

Diane just wasn't sure if Rhoda had magic!

How would one even know?

Even if there were some way to know, Diane was be too distracted by Rhoda's outfit. It was such an odd outfit, and Diane was directly eye-level with... Wait, eye-level?

Was that right? Shouldn't Diane need to look down to look at Rhoda's eyes, not up?

Diane was getting sidetracked. What was important was figuring out whether Rhoda had magic, and did Diane always have to lean forward to see her own feet?

Focus! Diane was never going to figure this out if she kept getting sidetracked!