Comic for Wednesday, Dec 3, 2014


Posted December 3, 2014 at 1:48 am

- Some Guy
- Some Guy 2

Some Guy's winning win record had been previously hinted at in a few ways. 

1 - Tensaided's grumpy face in panel four of this comic. He was grumpy because he just lost the first round to Some Guy.

2 - Tensaided's second opponent was Sarah. who lost in the first round. Assuming people were playing against opponents with similar rankings in the tournament, it suggested Tensaided likely lost his first round.

3 - Some Guy's final opponent was George, who had at least won the first and second round.

Granted, 2/3 of those depend on one knowing people were being paired against people with similar win records, but still, Tensaided grumpy face.

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No new classic commentary, if you missed it in the EGS:NP commentary for Monday, there were 25 added over the last weekend.