Comic for Thursday, Feb 25, 2021


Posted February 25, 2021 at 4:10 pm

This was a late idea I wanted to do immediately in spite of this not actually being a question anyone asked (unless they did and I forgot, but I don't think it was). I was contemplating what role Lucy may or may not have in a future storyline, and got to thinking about her "warrior princess" outfit (as can be seen here), and thought of the question.

The obvious wrong answer would simply be "yes", but then I thought of Luke ending up on this as a result of thinking that answer might be right.

Luke hadn't actually answered a question yet, and Rhea had just answered one. In my mind, there's an order to this, and it was either "do it now", or "do it four comics from now".

I opted for NOW! And GROSSLY underestimated how complicated the designs would be, and how much experimentation I would wind up doing!

Seriously, SCIENCE! happened with Legally-Distinct Turtle-Dragon Rhoda's hair and Legally-Distinct Damsel-Princess Lucy's crown (and similar parts of her outfit), not to mention the scales on Rhoda, and then figuring out the background (which was simple in the end, but it was the figuring out what it would be that was the thing).

So, um... George? You're getting a visually simple question to answer on Saturday, buddy.

- "I don't even know who Diane--"

It had slipped my mind that Luke had actually met both Diane and Lucy on his first date with Justin. I like most non-canon awareness to be current, if not "the futurrre...!", so I felt I needed an excuse for Luke making this claim.

As it turns out, a lot of people have referred to Diane as "Diana", and now, Luke is officially one of them. (He will probably mistake Rhoda for "Rhonda" at some point in the future, too).