Comic for Saturday, Feb 27, 2021


Posted February 27, 2021 at 12:16 am

The day prior to this comic, I posted a story comic page with pictography I thought would PROBABLY be clear to everyone in context?

It was not. Which I should have expected, as it depended on getting in sync with my headspace (a strange place), these things are often confusing even when they make sense in context, AND there are varying screen sizes to consider these days that can render tiny symbols as unhelpfully tiny.

I worked hard on those symbols, however, making tiny revisions, carefully considering how they might be confusing, adding and removing things for clarity, etc, so I was naturally down when confusion seemed more common than not.

But then I decided to TAKE those lemons and explode them into lemonade with the comic you saw above this. This time, the whole point was potential confusion, so I just had fun with it.

So hey, sometimes? Disappointment happens, and sometimes, you just have to take some time and recover. Other times, you get exploding lemons, and that's fantastic.