Comic for Wednesday, Mar 25, 2020


Posted March 25, 2020 at 4:52 pm

This was posted during the day, and I expect Friday's to be during the day as well. As always, I will chirp on Twitter whenever it goes up.

- "Not that it would be the end of the world if she didn't think I was cool, right?"

- "I was just TOO COOL!"

- Nanase realizing people who think she's cool right away are being pretty superficial about it

Ellen might have biased opinions about the pros and cons of transforming oneself with the objective of getting looked at.

I figured Nanase would naturally want to let her hair down at some point, and leaning against a dresser seemed like a sensible time to do it. Realistically, I think she'd have her hair flipped around front a bit given her position, but cartoonishly, it looked weird. I mean, this looks a little weird, too, but at least you can see her arms are crossed and such.

I like Ellen having an appreciation of Diane. Ellen has a brazenness about her, but she's also not as confident as she sometimes lets on. I think in some ways, Diane's at a level Ellen aspires to reach.


- Tuesday EGSNP.

Thursday's EGSNP will be during the day.