Comic for Monday, Feb 10, 2020


Posted February 10, 2020 at 12:35 am

- Squirrel!
- Tired Grace post-shrink yawn
- Stacked enchantments and clothing
- Lack of ambient magic energy

I seriously considered having Grace take a moment to gather her up her things and get covered up, or have Tedd carry her away first, etc.

Ultimately, I asked myself what makes for a better story. If I were describing this scene to someone, what would be more interesting and exciting: Grace leaped right from the spot while shouting "eureka!", grew to normal size, and excitedly shared her realization as everyone reacted in various ways...

Or she sensibly took a break, got properly dressed, came back, and provided exposition.

Sometimes, not always, but sometimes, I think people who get nitpicky about what characters should do in a story forget that it's a story.

Not that I'm expecting huge criticism here or anything. It's just, on occasion, *I* am that person, and it can be a hazardous path to take when you're at the writing wheel.

What, you don't write with a wheel? What are you even doing?

(All that said, I'm glad I had reactions to function as the majority of the visuals.)