Comic for Wednesday, Dec 18, 2019


Posted December 18, 2019 at 2:01 am

- Amplio Decresco: "It can shrink or grow..."

EDIT - Sarah's just sitting down in panel five, and all those panels are from a slightly overhead view. This was intended to show both of their faces with Tedd standing and Sarah sitting on the floor without zooming out a bunch.

Ashley will function again soon. Probably.

Grace has a skewed perception of flirty playfulness, especially in regard to transformation. She's so used to just playing around with transformation in the company of Tedd, Sarah, and Ellen that her idea of where the "actual flirting" line is wouldn't match most opinions.

Giant Sarah

Fortunately, we did not wind up with a Kaiju-sized Sarah.

Fortunately by my estimation, anyway. I'm sure some people would have liked to see that.

And since the growing limit is unchanged, she's 200% her original volume, and about 126% her normal size / height, making her around 6' 8" (203 cm).