Comic for Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019


Posted April 24, 2019 at 2:07 am

- Kidnapping and emotional manipulation
- The fall of Sirleck
- Golem and wand
- *Made* a wizard
- "...Only train in the company of Tedd Verres."

Elliot rolls initiative! NATURAL 20

(Yaaaaaay Dungeons & Dragons critical success joke yaaaaaay)

I had originally planned for it to take longer to get to this idea of Elliot's, but then I had a bunch of trouble writing the real start of this storyline in general (shockingly, writing an intentionally cliche short transformation story was not a challenge).

Inviting one's self over

I'm not going to say it's a "good" thing Ashley isn't comfortable going back to Elliot's house just yet, but it's really convenient for getting the party planned for Tedd's house when the party was Elliot's idea. If not for that, there'd probably be a page just devoted to why Tedd's house and not Elliot's.

Not that Tedd would have strong objections. It would just have to be addressed logically, because that's how I roll. Given the situation, however, "why Tedd's house" is established (or, at least, why NOT Elliot's house), so YAY!

I mean, not "yay", but... You know what I mean!