Comic for Wednesday, Jun 19, 2024


Posted June 19, 2024 at 12:00 am

- Elliot vision spell

Tedd has gained access to the single most powerful ability in fiction: The ability to have a flashback that excuses whatever the heck they're about to pull off.

Granted, Tedd's seer sight could have just worked perfectly in panel two, and I don't think anyone would have questioned it except me. I like to think I occasionally value my own opinion, however, so Tedd needs the power of flashback to do a thing.

Side note: Holy heck, me, you have GOT to clearly show Elliot using that spell at some point, and from his perspective. If anyone reading this comic forgot that was even a thing, that's 100% on you not having a visual like that for them to remember.

For the record, though, Elliot totally used that to quickly locate Grace and Liam the griffin (which normally wouldn't be difficult, but they were in the middle of speeding their way through the woods Return of The Jedi style)


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