Comic for Friday, Jun 14, 2024


Posted June 14, 2024 at 12:00 am

- Tedd checking for magical magic

- Moo

It was not a question of if Tedd would catch AJ, but of when.

Well, okay. I guess realistically, Tedd could have never noticed, but who wants THAT outcome?

Part 7, and how Tedd reacts to this discovery, begins next Wednesday!

Cow power

The existence of Guy's cow deck is inspired by one I actually made in a card game, but what's actually in that deck is not.

See, a person like me might think "I'm going to make a cow deck", but no one intended for me to do that. It's far from a top tier tournament deck, and basically has one broken thing it can do if it gets a perfect opening hand (it involves a really big cow and a really big plow).

Basically, Guy's deck is better than mine.

And Yes

Those are freckles on Cow-Guy's tail.


- Thursday EGSNP (It's back!)