Comic for Monday, Apr 22, 2024


Posted April 22, 2024 at 12:00 am

- Tedd had a bit worse than a little dizzy after the whale, but still

- Tedd losing balance after using too much magic to power up a bat (as one does)

Because of course Tedd is happy about this discovery.

This page nearly happened without that "probably" in panel four, but this is Tedd! THERE MUST BE A LACK OF 100% CERTAINTY.

Most of the time, anyway.

This storyline had the potential to be WAY more complicated, with way more separate plot threads, and way more set up before the tournament. A lot of figuring out the storyline was limiting the threads, and making sure they were relevant and interconnected.

And in spite of that, Tedd noticing Sam's active enchantment was a super late idea in spite of being something that was basically inevitable in-universe. Like, short of Tedd just avoiding Sam for some reason, it not happening at some point would have fairly been considered a plot hole.

Probably. I've seen people debate what EXACTLY a "plot hole" is. It would be a plot-something, anyway.

Heck, Jay even semi-foreshadowed the possibility by reminding herself not to use "smooth-talking" magic due to Tedd's presence, and I wasn't even thinking of it then.

But of course it was foreshadowed somehow, because even when I'm not foreshadowing, I'm foreshadowing.


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