Comic for Friday, May 3, 2024


Posted May 3, 2024 at 12:00 am

I looked into a lot of ways people draw cow horns on people, ways fantasy peasants and adventurers are drawn, cow girl outfits, etc, when deciding how this sort-of version of Guy would look.

The sleeves are a result of me seeing puffy shirts, and liking how they distort the apparent shape of the arm. I like clothes on cartoon characters that mess with how big forearms / hands and shins / feet look.

I'll elaborate on a couple of other design choices when we have more information on what the heck even is going on.

For now, I'll elaborate on the horns! This might shock you to know, but there is a real world collectable card game called Magic The Gathering (GASP!), and through a series of convoluted deck-making decisions, I wound up making my own actual cow deck.

Now, I CALL it a cow deck, but the creatures in it are referred to as oxen, and tend to have horns closer to what's in this comic than how I typically draw them. In my search for inspiration / reference, I also saw a lot of really BIG cow horns (and cool curly goat horns), and I thought making them huge was nifty.


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