Comic for Monday, May 6, 2024


Posted May 6, 2024 at 12:00 am

That moment when your younger self meets your older self and is disappointed, but you're technically the older self, but you're also definitely the younger self?

Immortals in this comic are weird.

Also, yes, AJ's Mark is a card with twin ponytails. Because of course it is. The reason the "card" part isn't filled is because the shape of magic marks don't actually matter. Instead, it's surface area.

That was, apparently, Pandora's compromise to get the shape she wanted.

It is a silly spell

I don't think it's absolutely necessary for AJ's augmented reality spell to make perfect sense. This is a comedic comic with magic. Nonsense is allowed.

REGARDLESS, there are several explanations for why it works the way it does. Those explanations are specific to the quirks of EGS's magic system, and to AJ himself.

I shouldn't get into them for now, but I assure you, those explanations exist (not that they'll suddenly make the spell seem like a model of efficiency once given).


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