Comic for Monday, Jan 30, 2017


Posted January 30, 2017 at 1:01 am

- Catalina, you say? 
- Manufactured Cheerleadra sighting 

It was important to me that chibi Elliot look buff. I think I succeeded.

Much like the recent comic with all the messages from Sarah and Grace, the chibi visuals escalated quickly with this comic. I wasn't even sure what Elliot was going to be doing for four panels, as only panels four and five were going to have chibi visuals at first, and that's a lot of exciting "putting on a coat" action right there.

I eventually just flipped over a nearby table and decided to make panels two and three chibi, too. Which made sense, darn it. We haven't actually seen Ashley and Catalina in this story arc yet, and now we have, complete with "this name (usually) goes with this face" reminders. Okay, they're chibi, but still!