Comic for Monday, Jan 23, 2017


Posted January 23, 2017 at 1:37 am

- Red Alert Susan
- Upset Tedd 1
- Upset Tedd 2

Almost every trait Elliot has like this that gets him in trouble socially was inherited from me. You're welcome, Elliot!

I originally imagined only one chibi head for Sarah and one for Grace to simply indicate that Sarah's message were first, and where Grace's began. What I originally imagined was therefore a nightmare world in which we never saw Sarah's face in panel three.

Speaking of panel three, I like how Elliot's face and hair turned out in it. Elliot is actually one of the more difficult characters for me to draw, and part of that is because one wrong subtle move with his jawline or hair can spell disaster. Panel three in particular is a good example of what I'm at least trying to go for with Elliot's head and hair.