Comic for Monday, Oct 12, 2015


Posted October 12, 2015 at 4:30 am

- Rhoda and Catalina at the mall
- Rhoda and Catalina spot Cheerleadra
- When last we saw Catalina and Rhoda

- Tensaided calling Elliot
- When last we saw Tensaided

I seriously considered having another round of "what" that would include some extra wearing a bow-tie, but this is better.

I could be all coy about what Catalina is saying in panel two, but given that Catalina is friends with Sarah and Susan, eats lunch with them every weekday, AND likely often sees them along with Tedd and Elliot in the morning before classes and possibly during some classes...

What was I talking about? Oh. Right. Yeah, she probably knew about Elliot going on a date with Ashley.

One might have expected Tensaided to be horrified by the idea of the attractive woman Cheerleadra being dude Elliot, but nuts to that. Tensaided thinks Cheerleadra is cool, he thinks someone transforming into her is cool, and I'm not sure how to finish this paragraph. DEAL WITH IT.