Comic for Wednesday, Sep 18, 2013


Posted September 18, 2013 at 3:33 am

- Copy spell

This comic may well have failed to answer the question is set out to answer, but it did answer two other general questions, namely "can Ellen copy inanimate objects" and, well, various questions about the physical nature of the fairy doll I received after the end of the last storyline. I hope panel three answers those questions satisfactorily, because I don't plan to elaborate further.

This comic experiments a bit more with the eyes by increasing eye size, which I think I did properly with Amanda and went a bit overboard with Lisa. I actually like Lisa's eyes best in panel four as the morphing into Nanase's form begins, so I think the end result will be giving her eyes around that size.

One thing I'm quickly realize is that no single general eye size is going to work right for everyone, but that's good. I want variety, darn it. I'm basically happy with the size of Ellen's eyes as we last saw them. They can stay that way even if I'm making some other character eyes larger.

I know that sounds super obvious, but there's a part of my mind that wants to fight that notion for some reason. Hey, part of my brain that doesn't like that idea! I'm going for variety, you jerk! Just go with it!

As always, feedback is welcome.