Comic for Monday, Jun 6, 2011


Posted June 6, 2011 at 1:00 am
Deciding how exactly to dress "party" Elliot was a bit tricky. With mild-mannered, it was pretty simple, and with goth, I just wanted an outfit that was a bit over-the-top but clearly what one might picture as being goth. With party... what does one wear to parties? What was I gonna do, put a lampshade on her head?

Most of the various searches I did aren't worth mentioning and didn't turn up anything that would be useful for me. At one point I considered searching for the sort of stuff people would theoretically wear to dance clubs and what-not, but the sort of clothing I found while specifically looking for that sort of stuff wasn't exactly what I wanted to dress party Elliot in.

Basically, I wound up with form mostly just following function. She was going to be energetic, so mostly light clothing and sneakers instead of anything like high heels. The skirt naturally adds femininity, as does the cropped cardigan (that's right--I know what a cardigan is now), and I think the layered nature of the skirt makes it look a bit more wild and party-appropriate.

The sunglasses are possibly the exception to form following function in my opinion, mostly because I picture most parties happening at night. BUT! Parties may well begin before the sun sets, particularly in summer, and know when you might want sunglasses? RIGHT THEN. That, and they're great when posing in embarrassing photos for Facebook.

I personally like the look. Unlike a lot of the outfits I have in this comic, I can picture someone actually wearing this. Something like Melissa's outfit isn't that bad until you consider that it's her casual wear, and I guess a lot of the generic stuff characters wear is alright... okay, I take that back. Most of the outfits in most recent years are at least reasonable. I think this one stands out as an ensemble, however. Feel free to let me know what you think of both the outfit and anything else about the comic.