Comic for Friday, Jan 14, 2011


Posted January 14, 2011 at 1:00 am
Ladies and gentlemen, may I present your cliffhanger for the weekend! Be careful with that grip. We've got the whole weekend ahead of us.

First and second appearances of Dex.

First and second bad moments for George's car.

And hell, so long as I'm linking first and seconds, first and second George appearances.

The time has come once again to give yourself a cookie if you saw the last panel coming. If you're making Justin's face instead, give yourself a cookie anyway. They are delicious treats and I'm sure some excuse could be contrived for why you deserve one.


I'm starting to merge background techniques a bit, selecting what kind to use based on where the "camera" is relative to who or what's in focus and using hybrid styles if the view extends far enough away. I'm still getting the hang of it, but at the very least, it's safe to say the background are better than when I first started. For one thing, there ARE backgrounds.


After the last comic's commentary, it's apparent from feedback that some people think I'm a die-hard skeptic. If by "skeptic" one means "I want some darn proof before I'll swear to the validity of something", then yes, I guess I am in most cases.

This does not mean, however, that I am not open to the possibility of all sorts of crazy stuff. For example, I once went out of my way to find the source of some strange lights in the sky, thinking there was probably something mundane at the source but hoping for something fantastic or beyond my understanding.

What were responsible? Synchronized strobe lights outside of a movie theater with exceptionally good range (visible from miles away) on a particularly cloudy night. I was open to it being something more fantastic in spite of suspecting it wasn't, investigated, and discovered that my instincts were, unfortunately, correct.

Make of that what you will.