Comic for Monday, Aug 30, 2010


Posted August 30, 2010 at 1:00 am
Why ice cream seems appropriate.

Elliot and Justin have spent time together outside of the dojo in the comic's history, but thus far, those have all been special circumstances. I don't think you can count when they met, goo battle aftermaths, etc to be regular, recurring activities.

...Okay, so that was the second incident involving the goo, but my point still stands. The dojo was the primary place where Justin and Elliot regularly got to see each other.

I don't think I could have stood for this comic without Justin's line about Elliot giving Nanase a ride home. How exactly Nanase got to the dojo is one of those details that I don't think would have kept anyone else up at night, but I personally knew in the back of my mind that Justin usually drove Nanase to practice and if Justin left without her, she'd need a ride from someone else.

I did, however, include Justin's line about Elliot giving her a ride home, so I get to sleep tonight! HOORAY!