Comic for Tuesday, Apr 9, 2002


Posted April 9, 2002 at 1:00 am

This comic could be referencing a lot of anime, but I’d say Dragonball and Ranma 1/2 more than others. Of course, that may be entirely because those are the two main martial arts mangas I’m actually familiar with, but I’m sure my limited knowledge in no way invalidates my assertion.

Apparently, 168 hours is exactly one week. I assume that had to have been intentional, but honestly? I don’t remember. It probably was, but who knows. I’ve been accidentally clever before, and I hope to be accidentally clever again.

I’ve never actually drowned my sorrows in ice cream, which makes it a bit weird that I often like to say that’s the thing to do in a variety of situations. I blame younger me watching Ally McBeal.

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