Comic for Wednesday, Dec 18, 2002


Posted December 18, 2002 at 1:00 am

 "But even with a the cat form..."

"There's no way that you were faster while carrying Tedd!"

"You don't know that. Anyway--"

"No no, I refuse to accept this! Here, try carrying Tedd right now! Let's see how fast you can go!"

"Now? I'm exhausted."

"I could carry Tedd and still move fast."

"You're Greg. You're, like, the size of a dozen Tedds."

This recap isn't too bad. It could've been edited down, but it functions as a lead in to addressing who the guy with the spiny hair was. If he knows Grace, though, that must mean he's one of her brothers, and if THAT'S true, and he hasy spiny hair, then I think it's PRETTY OBVIOUS he's Guineas.

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