Comic for Tuesday, Dec 7, 2010


Posted December 7, 2010 at 1:00 am
Dude, what the hell? It got all cold outside recently, and there's this powdery white stuff everywhere. Did a sugar factory explode and block out the sun with its sweetness? I'd lick the ground to confirm these suspicions, but that hardly seems sanitary and it's frikkin' COLD out there!

An ultimately doomed character trait for Tedd in early comics was being overly sensitive to cold weather. He might bundle up a bit more than the others if we ever reach a winter storyline, but my early indecisiveness with the time of year made it difficult to keep going. That, and I didn't want to draw him struggling to stay warm every time he went outside.

Grace has had similar moments (well, moment) to this when she had to deal with the cold and couldn't just morph up some warm fur. That's one of the trade offs to keeping all this secretive stuff secret. Yeah, it's for everyone's protection, but it also means you can't run around morphing people in the mall. I mean, morph fur to stay warm. Yeah, that's the ticket...