Comic for Monday, Sep 4, 2023


Posted September 4, 2023 at 12:00 am

Grace and Ashley Fun on Patreon

Oh noes! The mean, elitist cheerleader Ashley was bullying the misunderstood, loner goth Grace! Now Grace has given in to magical nonsense, and is transforming her bully!

Okay, so, OBVIOUSLY, this is just a couple of gal pals acting out a story one of them wrote. A totally common thing for gal pals to do.

Hearing about this later, Diane, a former cheerleader herself, had no idea how to react. She wanted to argue against the mean cheerleader stereotype, as she knew for a fact that most cheerleaders were hard-working, lovely people.

But she also knew she'd acted like a bully sometimes, and didn't want anyone to bring that up.

In the end, she simply asked if she could join them the next time they did something like it.