Comic for Monday, Aug 28, 2023


Posted August 28, 2023 at 12:00 am

Dan's Choice: Party of Nanase on Patreon

Now, the story behind THIS is, um... Nanase got a new spell, and... She, Rich, Larry, and George were at the comic shop, and... 


Okay. Cards on the able? I just wanted to experiment with characters taking on the form of other characters while keeping their original hair and eye colors for fun (and to help identify who's who in scenarios more complicated than this).

I decided to keep the eye colors the same, too, because some characters have similar hair colors, and I figured eye color would be a secondary indication of who's who.

It's Rich's fault I experimented with this group first. Well, his blue hair to contrast with Nanase's red hair, anyway.

I'll probably do more nonsense like this with other groups of characters sometime later (not necessarily with everyone getting the same form, though that'll probably happen with Susan).