Comic for Saturday, Jul 9, 2022


Posted July 9, 2022 at 12:00 am

Dan's Choice: A Card of Magic on Patreon

In every pack of cards in the Collectible Card Game Rich and Larry played, there were bonus cards. These could be tokens for use in play, collectible art cards, shiny foil versions of cards, etc.

One day, Rich got a bonus card that seemed to sparkle. Aside from that, it looked like a standard game card, and the art was of a particularly curvy woman taking interest in a scholar.

The text simply said “hold and turn sideways to turn people into curvy women. Usable once per day.”

Rich didn’t think it could actually do anything, but he a lot of weird stuff did happen in Moperville…

Having convinced himself of the lie that no part of him was hoping it was going to work, he told Larry about the card in a jovial fashion, and turned it sideways while jokingly saying “whooooops!”

As the card glowed, the part of Rich that he’d lied to himself about was excited to see Larry transform. This changed when Rich realized that he felt strange.

Rich dropped the card while both of them rapidly changed. Their bodies changed shape. Their hair grew longer. Their clothes became skimpier and of different colors, and they were suddenly wearing makeup.

Rich yelped in a shockingly adorable voice as he looked down at his now voluptuous body. He actually felt quite good somehow, if not great, but it was very confusing and shocking.

Larry, meanwhile, was surprisingly quick to embrace how great they felt, and was cheerfully examining the results of the transformation.

Rich picked up the sparkling card. “Usable once per day.”

Could the card turn them back to normal tomorrow? Could it only do this again? How long did it last?

And why did Justin, who had not been transformed, was restocking comics, and somehow missed the whole thing, suddenly look really good to him?

Larry, meanwhile, was buying a box of card packs from George.