Comic for Thursday, Aug 9, 2018


Posted August 9, 2018 at 1:00 am

"Extra Girly" Slumber Party - on Patreon (Includes bigger version)

Description: Sarah, Ashley, Grace, Nanase and Ellen having a slumber party while exchanted to be "extra girly" by Tedd's magic mark spell.

Worth noting is that the effects of Tedd's spell are subjective, being affected by both Tedd's outlook and the person being enchanted. This can also include expectations of what the spell will do, meaning biases about Tedd's biases can actually affect the result. Some physical and outfit changes will be more subtle than others.

(To the point, yes, Sarah had certain expectations).

This is listed under milestones, but this is a horrifically overdue sketchbook reward, of which there will be some more in addition to the milestones. Requested by Brian