Comic for Monday, Feb 23, 2015


Posted February 23, 2015 at 1:01 am
Requested by Mattias Berntson - Ellen/Nanase fusion in the style of Dragon Ball Z via fusion dance
Nanase and Ellen, fused into a single being with fantastic abs. For those unfamiliar with DBZ, this is the result of a dance that fuses two people into a single, much more powerful being for a half hour. Such fusions tend to be rather full of themselves, and are generally dressed like this for reasons (it's DBZ. Attempting to analyze beyond "reasons" may break a mind).
This sketchbook really proved the power of contrasting values to me. The light areas on... um... Nasellen? Elnase? Whatever. The light areas on her vest and bracelets are a very dark grey, but they stand out a lot against 100% black and look brighter than they would without the black being right there.
I originally drew what's-her-name with brown bangs and red hair in the back, but I really didn't like the resut. Red bangs just looked so much better to me, and I wanted to be sure to include both colors, as that seems to be what happens with such fusions.
With skin and eye color, however, I put their respective RGB values on the opposite ends of gradients and then used whatever RGB values wound up in the middle of those gradients.
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