Comic for Monday, Nov 3, 2014


Posted November 3, 2014 at 1:01 am

 And we start off the month with a milestone comic! This is actually a moment I tried to write into the EGS:NP storyline Playing With Dolls with Nanse offering a hug, Susan accepting, and this bieng the result. 

I wound up deciding it wasn't in character for Nanase to a) offer to hug Susan (even if sympathetic, she knows Susan's aversion to being touched and would try to respect it), or b) to hug Susan in such a way that she would lift Susan off the ground.

Basically, I was trying to write a Grace / Susan moment with Nanase / Susan, and it didn't work. Grace absolutely would offer the hug and overdo it. Nanase? Not so much.

Of course, in the magical land of sketchbooks, anything is possible!