Comic for Friday, Oct 12, 2012


Posted October 12, 2012 at 11:14 pm

And so, Halloween Sketchbook 2012 ends with a Star Trek / Doctor Who crossover! Sort of. A new storyline begins next week.

I've had fez envy before. In fact, I still have it. I considered getting a fez, but it occurred to me that everyone would accuse me of only getting one because of Doctor Who. This would be entirely accurate, and I decided that was a horrible thing.

To this day, I have not acquired a fez, and the situation is getting worse. I am surrounded by the remains of papers folded and taped into fez shapes, discarded once they can no longer maintain a perfect fex shape. A trail of faux fezzes follows me, and all because I don't want to be accurately accused of jumping onto the Doctor Who fez bandwagon.

Fortunately, I have discovered a solution: Use cardboard. That will last longer.