Comic for Wednesday, Jan 11, 2012


Posted January 11, 2012 at 1:00 am
- Inspired by Tedd's form in this comic

I forgot to give Tedd cat-like ears, but by the time I realized my error, I was too far along for it to be worth it in mind to change it. That, and without furry ears, Tedd's fur color could match his (her) hair, which I like.

What's strange about this sketchbook is that cats generally don't like having their belly rubbed. Lying with their belly exposed is the most vulnerable way a cay can lie. Granted, some cats will lie on their back when around their owners and even accept a belly rub, but that's a big sign of trust.

So, really, Elliot should be super flattered. Rub that belly, you ingrate!