Comic for Friday, Jan 13, 2012


Posted January 13, 2012 at 1:00 am
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Two things I've wanted to do for a while now has been making a lineup of the main characters, and better differentiating their physical characteristics. Given an unexpected rewrite for the current storyline, I decided to take the delay as an opportunity to do both.

Of course, this is sketchy and I'm not entirely happy with it. Something went horribly wrong with Tedd's eyes, and I think I made Susan's waist a bit too thin, her legs look off and she looks, well drunk. Susan doesn't drink, I assure you. Maybe she's just sleepy?

Something I just noticed is that every character's left arm (except Susan's) is longer than their right. I think this might be the result of my posture when drawing, which isn't good, but hey, I'm aware of it now. Yay practice.

Anyway, these character designs are a perpetual work in progress, and I would be interested in hearing opinions. That said, let's end this commentary with character heights from left to right.

Tedd - 5' 4"
Grace - 5' 4"
Elliot - 5' 10"
Ellen - 5' 4"
Nanase - 5' 4"
Sarah - 5' 3.5"
Susan - 5' 6"
Justin - 6' 0"

If you're wondering why 5' 4" is so common, someone once told me that was the average female height and that pretty much became my baseline for female characters. I believe that might be accurate if talking about a particular ethnicity in a particular part of the world or something, but I'm pretty sure it's not exactly accurate as an average. Nonetheless, it remains my baseline as so many of my characters have been designed around it going way back to the start of the comic.

EDIT: After looking at this with a pair of fresh eyes (as in "the next day", not some twisted surgery), I'm definitely not satisfied with Elliot or Justin, either. Elliot's shoulders are beefy to the beefed degree, and he's not really supposed to be THAT bulky. There's a lot to fix in this lineup, but hey, got to start somewhere.