Comic for Monday, Aug 21, 2017


Posted August 21, 2017 at 1:00 am

Comically evil guy had a good run.

I felt it necessary to show the incoming threat and not sugarcoat what they do or the danger they pose, but I wanted to be careful about the tone, too, so... Yeah. Enter comically over-the-top evil guy being thrown to the... Whatever that is.

So yes, this is the first, and last, appearance of comically evil guy. Depending on my needs in the future, however, there may be an endless supply of equally evil cousins out there.


I've decided storyline and part titles at the start of storylines / parts is PROBABLY a good thing, so this is technically the first part with the title at the top like that. I expect to add them to previous parts as well over time, but let the record show that this is where that started.