Comic for Monday, Jun 29, 2015


Posted June 29, 2015 at 1:27 am

- Liberating
- Hide identity

I wasn't satisified with rectangles and squares for this comic, so I decided the heck with it and did some weird panel shapes. I don't think I messed up the flow of reading the comic by doing so, but opinions are welcome.

Mostly, I wanted to show just how tall Ashley is relative to Elliot right now, and I didn't want to just do that by showing how much higher up her head was relative to her. I really wanted to show more of their torsos, but then I was in trouble for space in the other panels, and that's when I threw my hands up in the air and went with irregular shapes.

(Speaking of height, Ashley is around 5'4", and Elliot is currently around 5'0")

Granted, it's not exactly groundbreaking in the big scheme of things. I've done similar things before, and comic books these days go nuts with their panel layouts. This is relaitvely tame, really, but it's something I haven't personally done much.