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Posted March 2, 2015 at 5:32 am

Early Ashley appearances:

- Ashley #1
- Ashley #2
- Ashley #3
- Ashley #4
- Ashley #5

- Ashley sees Elliot transform
- Elliot asks Ashley out
- Ashley meets Sarah, Susan and Tedd
- Ashley and Liz

The schedule for story comics is still Mon-Weds-Friday, but that will change as soon as I'm comfortable with increasing it to five comics a week again.

As is probablyobvious, I've decided to switch back to greyscale for the story comics. This was a very last minute decision that I wasn't expecting to make, and I basically decided I needed to do this around 12:30 am on Sunday. People following me on social Media Sunday knew this was coming, but for everyone else, I'm sorry for the sucker punch.

I had been hoping to keep doing color for the story comics, but I'm not fast enough at it. It's not much slower than greyscale if I know what colors I'm going to use, but the issue is that I often don't, and it's absurd how long figuring out the color composition for just a brief change of scenery can take me.

I'll still be doing full color for sketchbooks and will continue to do my best to get better at it, but for the time being, if I want to stick to any sort of schedule without destroying myself, this is what I need to do. I find the necessity of it embarassing, but I already feel a LOT less stressed out about my schedule.

First EGS:NP during the story comic break
Today's EGS:NP

Commentary for Painted Black Part 1, Part 2, and some of Part 3.