Comic for Tuesday, Dec 24, 2013


Posted December 24, 2013 at 1:00 am

- That girl #1
- That girl #2
- That girl #3
- That girl #4
- That girl #5

This comic wound up being a Christmas holiday cliffhanger! Not that I planned for it to be, but hey, it works.

This is why I wound up deciding to not take the easy way out with backgrounds in the previous comic. Where Elliot wound up actually mattered, as did his proximity to a place where it would make sense for him to run into that girl who has not yet been named but is totally going to be named soon for reals.

One might criticize Elliot's choice, but given the circumstances, he could have done much worse. Heck, if this were a video game with stealth gameplay, he'd be in the clear! He could even throw a shoe at that girl, and so long as he stayed still in the shadows for a minute or two, she'd never find him.