Comic for Tuesday, Aug 20, 2013


Posted August 20, 2013 at 1:00 am

- The first appearance of agents Cranium and Wolf
- Agent Cranium with Nanase and Ellen after Abraham's attack
- When last we saw Agent Wolf (I think)
- When last we saw Agent Cranium

It would seem that Mr. Verres has an interesting relationship with the almighty.

Also, YAY! No more snowflakes! I will not miss them.

It was fun to dress Wolf and Cranium for this comic. Granted, Cranium's outfit isn't that much of a diversion, or rather it isn't much of one so long as she's wearing that coat. The dress she's wearing under there is definitely not work or winter appropriate. As for Wolf's tuxedo, well... What else was I going to have a man wear that's dressed up but not common? We don't have as many options, and bow ties are cool.