Comic for Thursday, Mar 28, 2013


Posted March 28, 2013 at 1:00 am
- "J-Word"? What could she POSSIBLY be referring to?
- "Sleazy until proven virtuous"

I guess Diane has a nickname for Susan now? I didn't actually plan that. Diane just went and said it on her own. That might sound weird, but anyone who's spent enough time writing for characters knows what I'm talking about.

I'm going to save everyone some time and explicitly state that the silhouette in this comic is just of some generic guy in a suit. There's no reason to hunt through the archives or compare it to characters in future comics. Even if it does fit someone's silhouette, it will mean absolutely nothing. At all.

...Although, I suppose that sort of thing could encourage all sorts of fan speculation, which is always good... You know what? Forget the last paragraph. That silhouettes totally not generic. I have someone totally specific in mind for it. They're cool. You should be on the look out for them forever, because I'm totally making this up. I mean, because you'll totally find the right match eventually*.

* No you won't